Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institute and industry. It provides them the appropriate forum for joint endeavors, hand-in-hand, to work for human being through application of chemical engineering and allied sciences. If you are interested about, attached to or involved in chemical engineering related activities – whether as a student as a seasoned professional - you shall find the programme of IICHE immensely beneficial, opening up doors of new possibilities and existing possibilities

Vision Statement

Over the years the Institute has developed a distinct profile of its own. Even as the IIChE is always moulding itself and playing a proactive role to keep up with the ever changing needs of the society and the economy, the basic objectives remain largely unchanged since its inception. One may shortlist them as:

  • To promote advancement of Chemical Engineering Science and draw up a code of ethics in the profession.
  • To maintain and widen contacts with chemical engineering professionals in India and abroad
  • ensure regular exchange of ideas with other national and international professional institutes in this field.
  • To act as an authoritative body on matters pertaining to the teaching and the profession of chemical engineering.
  • To conduct examinations and assist persons engaged in the industry to qualify as chemical engineer.
  • To confer awards, diplomas and certificates to such persons as may be deemed fit.
  • To undertake publication work, i.e., journal, monographs, proceedings of seminars/ symposia/ workshops
  • to conduct meetings and transact business on administrative, academic and technical matters relating to the profession.


CHEMCON – 2017 will be organized by Haldia Regional Centre of IIChE, jointly with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, during 27 – 30th December 2017, on the theme “Versatility of Chemical Engineering to meet societal challenges”. Details are available

SCHEMCON 2017 will be organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkrla under the aegis of the Rourkela Regional Centre, IIChE, during 7 – 8 October, 2017 on the theme “Emerging Technological Advancement in Chemical Engineering”. For details, please visit

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