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An International Conference
Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

In Association With

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology
Jadavpur University Kolkata
Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
University of Calcutta

Venue: Heritage Institute of Technology,Kolkata

Padma Bhusan & Padma Vibhushan Prof. M. M. Sharma

Former-Director, UDCT, ICT-Mumbai

Padmashri, Padma Bhushan & Padma Vibhushan Dr. R.A. Mashelkar

Former-Director General, CSIR

Prof. (Dr.) (Mrs) N. Kalaiselvi

Director General, CSIR & Secretary, DSIR, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) G. D. Yadav

Former-VC, ICT Mumbai & Former President, IIChE, President, Indian Chemical Society

Mr. Subhasendu Chatterjee

Vice-Chairman, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.

Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) is a national body of professional chemical engineers with 32000 members across the country with 46 Regional Centres as well as 182 Student Chapters, began its journey on May 18, 1947 under the great visionary, nationalist and pioneer of Chemical Engineering Education in India, Dr H L Roy. We have around 46 Life Organizational Members in industries and 48 Life Organizational Members in academics and R&D Institutes as well.

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  • Book Volume: IIChE-CHEMCON 2023

    Following are the details of the book volume, to be published by IIChE. Book Name: Energy Transition: Challenges & Opportunities, CHEMCON 2023 ISBN Number: 978-93-100-0071-9

Important Dates

CHEMCON 2023, the 76th Annual Session of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers will be organized by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Headquarters, Kolkata from December 27 to December 30, 2023 in association with Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Jadavpur University and Heritage Institute of Technology.
The theme of CHEMCON-2023 is “Energy Transition: Challenges & Opportunities” Calcutta University.
The World is in the midst of an energy transition to reduce its dependence on fossil-based energy sources. From 18th to 20th century, many complex transitions in energy have been observed that include the shift from firewood to coal, from whale oil to kerosene, and the shift to electricity and crude oil. Further, in 21st century, transition to low-carbon energy sources is expected to be the most challenging one ever, requiring decarbonization of various sectors and minimization of greenhouse gas emissions from a variety of industries of the global economy to mitigate climate change.
The chemical industries will be no different and are transforming as they regulate to the new era of high-priced petroleum and relentless global warming. Chemical Engineers transform societies and the lives of individuals by interdisciplinary collaborations necessary to advance the societal goals of transitioning to a low-carbon energy system ensuring and developing novel and sustainable materials used in fuels, electronics, medical devices, and other products to address today’s most pressing problems, including climate change and global warming.

Memorial Lectures

Three memorial lectures, namely Dr. H. L. Roy Memorial Lecture (the Founder President), Prof. N. R. Kamath Memorial Lecture (a distinguished professor associated with the University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, and IIT, Mumbai),

Shri Dhirubhai Ambani Commemoration Day

Every year, the day of 28 December is observed as Dhirubhai Ambani Commemoration Day on the occasion of his Birth Anniversary of the late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and the Dhirubhai Ambani Oration on varied topics is delivered by eminent personalities of the country to celebrate the occasion.

Technical & Parallel Sessions

During CHEMCON, several technical and parallel sessions are held. Lecture sessions comprises of Chemcon Distinguished Lectures, invited lectures, and paper/poster presentations.

Joint Symposiums

The aim of the symposium is to exchange knowledge, insights, sharing views amongst each other to discuss and explore future challenges in delivering research results to society and to strengthen research networks.

Industrial Exhibitions

Industrial Exhibitions are usually organized so that organizations in a specific interest or industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of competitors and examine recent trends and opportunities.


Each year the IIChE confers a large number of awards and prizes during CHEMCON to honour eminence and contributions in the domain of chemical engineering as well as to nurture young talents.

Topics of interest for the submission of the abstract include, but are not limited to:

Energy and Environment (EE): Energy Transition & Decarbonisation; Sustainable Energy Generation & Environment; Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells (Solid oxidized fuel cells); Solar Photovoltaic Cell and Solar Thermal Energy; Biomass Energy, Innovations in Energy-Measurement; Policy Analysis & Interventions; Technological Advancements & Alternatives Energy; Waste to energy; CO2 reduction & sequestration; Electrochemical reduction of CO2

Transformation for Energy Transition (TET): Hydrogen Production from various routes, Storage, Transportation and its Application; Catalysts for energy conversion, Li-ion Battery; Redox Flow Battery; Electric Vehicle and its advancement; Grid Scale Energy Storage; Solar PV and Solar Thermal Energy; Wind Energy; Tidal energy; Geo-Thermal Energy; Battery Management System; Bio fuels

Advanced Nano-Materials & Nanotechnology (ANN): Synthesis of nanomaterials; Nanophotonics and Nanoelectronics; Nanobiotechnology; Nanomagnetism; Self assembly of nanomaterials; Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications; Nanofibers and Nanotubes; Gold Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes; Application of Functional Nanomaterials and 2D Materials; Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Sustainable Advanced Nanomaterials; Novel Green Nanotechnologies Applied in Environmental Protection and Health; Quantum Dots.

Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWT): Wastewater treatment technologies: Zero Discharge Liquid (ZLD), Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, UV; Arsenic removal; Reverse Osmosis; Ceramic & Polymeric Membranes; Solar powered micro filters; Safety and Quality of Underground Water; Industrial & agricultural Wastewater Treatment; Sedimentation, filtration and oxidation; Water reclamation; Water cycle

Advanced Chemical Engineering (ACE): Carbon Capture and Sequestration; Computational Fluid Dynamics Polymer Engineering and Technologies; Catalysis and Reaction Engineering; Chemicals and Fertilizers; Novel Separation Processes; Crystallization, Filtration & Drying; Novel Drugs; Instrumentation and Process Control; Upstream and Downstream Petroleum Processes; Membrane Separations; Membrane Technology; Process Modeling Simulation and Optimizations; Wastewater Treatment; Industry 4.0; 3D-Printing; Applications of Machine Learning & IoT in Chemical Engineering.

Advanced Polymer and Composite (APC): Polymer composites in electronic mobility; Polymer composites in aviation and aerospace applications; Multifunctional polymer composites in artificial intelligence; Sustainable green composites; Fire-retardant lightweight composites for battery applications; Biomimicked polymers and their applications; Processing, Modeling, and Properties of advanced polymer and composites

Biochemical and Bioscience Engineering (BBE): Biomass, Biofuel, and Bioenergy; Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy; Environmental Biology; Sustainability and Biodiversity; Brewing and food technology; Fermentation; Food safety and its analysis; Food production and engineering; environmental biotechnology; biochemical engineering; cell and tissue engineering; protein engineering; biomedical engineering; and bioinformatics; Biosensors; Biosynthesis and production.

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Dr. Avijit Ghosh
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