IIChE President

President’s Message

On the onset of New Year, let me start with Happy and Healthy 2022 to you and your family. It is 75thyear of IIChE – the Platinum Jubilee year. The previous year and days gone faced 2nd wave of Corona pandemic, posing challenges to health care, Govt. preparedness and toIndian Chemical Industry.That was the year which showed determination of Indian Pharma sector to work with firm commitment that “We can do”. To vaccinate more than 150 crores doses in a country like ours, having diverse culture and beliefs, is a Herculean task but successfully done. If we look to raw materials and their supply chain, production, logistic of transportation and delivery to remote places has given a message fitting to honourable PM’s “Atma Nirbhar”. The message is clear: Devotion, Out of Box Thinking, Determination and Commitment are keys to achieve the goals.


2022 has also begun with lot of challenges and expectations from Indian Industry, particularly CPI.There are issues like Covid third wave, steady availability of supply chain for raw materials, increasing cost trend, deployment of skilled millennia youth power at right place, spiralling energy cost, resource efficiency, sustainability and so on ….


World is facing a big challenges of environment. We are custodian of environment and natural resources. We have commitment to leave environment clean and Natural resources for Gen Next. Energy is another major factor to honour. Fossil fuels have problem of environment, calling dire needs for alternative source of energy. Efforts are targeted for Green Hydrogen, Blue Hydrogen, conversion of Hydrogen into fuel cells, development of sustainable EV batteries, Circular Economy etc.All these measures do consume energy in one or other form.What is important is net output translated  in single energy balance equation : Output – Input = Net available without damage to ECO system.


Last century saw a phenomenal growth of Indian CPI in many sectors like Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Manmade Fibre, Performance &Fine chemicals, Paints, Dyes etc., but  21st century has bigger road map ahead. All these sectors have a large environmental footprint.The Make in India & Atma Nirbhar campaign plans to increase overall manufacturing share of GDP from the current 16% to 25% over the next five years. Chemical Sector is the base of key manufacturing economy. The business and policy fundamentals for domestic manufacturing are oriented at growth of Chemical sector. Industry has largely imported chemicals to meet its requirement. All these have a large environmental footprint. They are energy and water intensive, consume hazardous materials, emit noxious gases, and produce a significant amount of hazardous waste. Logistic of transportation and storage of chemicals involves health and safety hazards.


Efficient utilization & recycle / reuse of resources (circular economy)  is great challenge. The life cycle of resources is important from resource & their impact on Environment, Cost & economic benefits derived, Creation of jobs, Social impact &Social benefits, Prodigal and unequitable consumption (developed countries V/s developing countries), Reuse / recycle of products.


I believe “Chemistry & Chemical Engineering have an important role to play in achieving a sustainable  Growth & Environment on Earth.”We as Chemical Engineers have Challenging & Interesting times ahead. Chemical Process Industry will become more dominant & will be the driver of sustainability and growth. Let we all at IIChE together put efforts to tackle challenges in frontier areas:


  • Safe, Sustainable and Eco friendly alternative Energy Sources
  • Nano Manufacturing mechanisms at nanoscale for production of high quality with zero wastage
  • Efficient use of Novel Materials - Memory alloys, New fibres, etc.
  • Biocatalysts – Application of Microorganisms and enzymes as catalysts for reactions without severity of operating parameters and any harmful or toxic releases
  • Genetic Reforestation - Production of healthier and fast-growing trees involving principles of genetics and biotechnology for food chain and wood for biomass
  • Optimum and efficient Recycling of Waste materials for productive use of waste materials
  • Educating next generation chemical  engineers with focus on sustainability, to overcome the problems created in past, with system approach and life cycle thinking understanding environmental, economic, and social aspects.


The profession faces challenges ahead but has to accept the responsibility for Impact of pollution and depleting resources coupled with safety as a whole. This is a grand challenge of our own making and we at IIChE have major role to play.


Indeed, I am excited that I  am president of IIChE in its 75th  year - the  Platinum Jubilee year with yearlong celebrations, coinciding with “Amrut Mahotsav” Celebrations of our beloved country’s 75th Independence Year.I invite you all to plan and participate in the programme of activities to celebrate our profession. In this 75th year – Platinum Jubilee Year – let us endeavour to make IIChE a flag bearer in terms of skill enhancement of freshers, meeting industry expectations, strong industry – academia – R & D bond turning ideas into reality.


The Platinum Jubilee is the right time to acknowledge the contributions of those who have been part of IIChE’s 75 years history and paved the way to bring our institute at today’s level. As there is no more to pen, I thank heartily to members, volunteers and staff who work together to achieve IIChE goals.


D M Butala